WeThatSound Mix and Mastering Services:


Recording: $30/hr ($15 deposit required)

  • Does not include mixing and mastering.

  • Receive recording once session is complete.

  • MP3/WAV


Mixing & Mastering: $60/per track ($30 deposit required)

  • Includes creative input

  • Wave bundle plugins utilized

  • Unlimited Revisions

  • 72 hr turnaround time

  • HD MP3/WAV



  • Recording Referrals:

    • 50% off ($15/hr)

  • Mixing Referrals:

    • 50% off ($30/per track)


Email WeThatSound@gmail.com for references and to schedule your session. Be prepared to be challenged, creative, and have an open mind. Looking forward to working with you!


Payment Methods: Zelle, Cash App, Pay Pal, Venmo.


*Invoices included for your records*

*Deposits are non-refundable*

*Prices are subject to change after Jun 30th, 2020*